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13th April 2011

“Living healthy” means different things to different people. But most of us agree that it would generally mean eating healthy and incorporating some exercise in our daily lives. Here are some exercise tips that would kickstart your way to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Run or walk briskly for 30 minutes daily or you can climb the stairs for 15 minutes every day instead.
  • Exercise 34 times weekly and ALWAYS warm up (calisthenics) before you exercise to avoid injuries
  • Listen to your body, if you feel tired at any time of your workout, take a break. Taking a break during a workout also helps the body burn more calories
  • Choose the exercise that best fits your schedule and fitness level. It is important not to strain yourself.
  • Introduce variety to your exercise routine to keep the momentum
  • Choose the right attire for your exercise. Try to wear natural fabrics like cotton and ALWAYS wear appropriate shoes to prevent injuries to feet and legs.
  • Do light weight training during your exercise to increase the resistance levels which helps to tone muscles
  • Never exercise immediately after eating
  • Maintain a consistent level of energy in between exercises by snacking on dried fruits and nuts.

The benefits of exercise are endless and if you ever lose the momentum to put on your running shoes, just remember the following:

  • Exercise helps to hide your real age by toning your muscles
  • You sleep better with consistent exercise
  • You will fit your clothes better
  • With the release of endorphins during exercise, you feel happier
  • Last, but not least, exercise with a healthy diet will help you live longer.


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